Can Goals Consume Your Life?

idea-2123972_1920.jpgHere is an interesting question that I ask certain folks sometimes and it really leads to deeper thought, “What would you do, if you were given everything you could possibly ever want?”, e.g., Beautiful/Handsome features, perfect spouse, children that listen to you, wealth, a passionate career/business etc… The bottom line is, what’s next? Think about it, life is a set of constantly changing goals, in a constantly changing world. The moment we achieve something, that satisfaction is a temporary filling, in the belly of desire. Once you have digested these “goal” calories, your hungry again. Even when we are full, we still crave other goals. You must be thinking, wait, “is this man mad?”, “Are we talking about food or goals?” Well, all of the above actually and no, this man is not mad, he is a madman.

One of the greatest teachers known, has been Prince Sid Arthur, or better known as the The Buddha.  He was given couple palaces, one for each season. He had everything imaginable that someone in his time, even modern time would want, that core want has not changed even in these times. We all want to look good, endless wealth, freedom, some mixture of fame and privacy and a great family that cares. Buddha was a great prince, he was hidden from the worlds pain, old age was replaced with hair dye and makeup. Now thats one kind of way to show love, by never letting your loved one see pain, so I am certain his father loved him, but was it conditional love? Is it love that only exists because he is the next heir to the throne and the one to carry his legacy?  I cannot say, but do feel conditional love fills much of the world we live in today.

Hopefully I have not made this discussion about Buddha, but applied his grace to the words in this article to show readers, that a man that was given everything, after realizing the great painful truth; that we all leave this life the same, despite birth rights. This led him to realize he was no different then the beggar in the streets, only one was in a more comfortable prison. This is a devastating truth, one which society slowly blends in and upon reflection, keeps us distracted by shifting the focus back to goals. Makes sense,  why would anyone want to think about it? Pretty depressing stuff, right? It can start off depressing, but lead to higher peace and joy going on the journey. So I urge you, keep seeking and don’t get in the trap of the goal chasing race that many of us fall victim to. Take time out and reflect within yourself, notice this grand play we are in. We are so focused looking at the world through our eyes, that we limit our view and miss out on big picture. Stop looking through the binoculars, focus on where you are, be present in the moment and maybe one way to achieve it is through a healthy calorie “goal” diet.