Do We Secretly Track Failure?


Failure, it seems we live in a society that tracts failure rather than putting in the effort towards the path of self discovery. We much rather watch and track others lives than attempt new projects on our own; secretly waiting for the moment, wait here it comes, yes!, they quit. Deep down inside most of us have this trait, but rather not admit it.We find pleasure through this darkness that preys within us. We constantly track celebrities’ lives, secretly troll people we know on social media and get updates through the timeless information exchange, the “grapevine”, before the internet days. Many might challenge being drawn to “failure tracking” and say, no I don’t do that; well then you are the better part of our society, but most members in our society have this trait, which requires much effort to keep in check.

Just finished a conversation with a friend, found out that they gave up on some goal they were working on. You give them a pep talk, but deep down inside feel at peace that they stopped. Why would we find pleasure in someone experiencing difficulty achieving their goal, especially someone that we care about? I believe it’s because we are all the stars of our own lives and everything revolves around us, the ego. We feel we are the best, special, cool, uncool; this list can keep going, but the point is we make excuses for our victories and failures. We don’t want to be left behind and when we hear a friend attempting something great, it might create a feeling that our lives are not good enough, or worse we are not.

Please salute anyone that puts in a true effort towards a goal they feel can add value to not only them, but our society as whole. Now here comes the tricky part, if they put in the genuine effort and went through the process of achieving the goal, then decides its no longer for them, thats not quitting. Yet, when people hear the few sentences of someone that does this, it registers in their minds as a person that quit. Nothing could be further from the truth, but thats how our minds have become conditioned. When a person puts in a true effort to achieve their goals, they not only build themselves stronger from the pain through the process, but they also walk away with the work ethic, knowledge and become more experienced; they are now one step closer towards their path of self discovery. If starting a goal is A and Z the end of the goal, then is all the letters in between not things of value, despite if we ever make it to Z?