Eulogy: A Boy Who Had a Guardian Angel as His Brother


Today I am here to tell you a little about one of the greatest men that I have had the opportunity to ever meet. Throughout the ages we have heard many stories of great men, which have done amazing things. We all have some character from these stories that resonate deep within us. Please allow me the great honor to share with you about one of my favorite characters, he is known by many names throughout the lands, but his birth name was Vinay Wendent Reddy, those that were blessed to see his true form, knew he was a Guardian Angel in the flesh.


You see Vinay comes from a long line of Guardian Angels and I will tell you later how I know this. There was once this child who was playing at an apartment building, where he and his family members stayed at. Being a young thrill seeker, this boy was playing a game of climbing the stairs from the outside, as if it was a great mountain. One day he was racing up this mountain with a friend, and slipped on his next step. He landed straight on his back from the two story building. The first words out of his mouth were the screams of help to his Uncle, the Great Deo Kaka. Through the heavens his Uncle came down and grabbed this young boy with both his arms and carried him to his parents’ house. He then put him in the car and sent him out to the hospital. Amazingly this boy returned with only mere scratches on his body. Guardian Angels do exist, I just told you about one. Earlier I said, I would tell you about how Vinay the Great came from a long line of Guardian Angels, well the Deo Kaka was his father.


Vinay must have been trained very well by his father, because he would go on to do many rescues throughout his Guardian Angel Career. The boy from our story, certainly needed many rescues while growing up. Later in his teenage years, the boy was involved in a dispute with some other boys and it led to a fight. The boy was hurt from this fight, as he got in his car to drive home, he started lose consciousness and wanted to just go to sleep. He realized he did not have enough in him, to make it home. He turned around and started to drive to Deo Kaka’s house. With the little energy he had left, he took little steps towards the front door and knocked on the door. Immediately the door opened, with a beautiful strong heavenly site, it was of his older brother standing there, he dropped instantly towards him and was lifted up in the air, with both arms by this great man and taken to the hospital. This is the memory the boy traces back to, when he discovered Vinay was a Guardian Angel.


God must love this child so much, since he paired him with Guardian Angels for family members and throughout this boy’s life, his Guardian Angel showed up at all the unexpected, but perfect times. The boy finally woke up from the deep slumber, which his mind had imprisoned him in and realized he had greatness within him, this discovery could have only been possible from the Lord’s grace and the help from his beloved Guardians. I stand in front of you today as the young boy, to tell you Guardian Angels do exist, here lies the body of my Guardian Angel, but his spirit will forever reside within me. He appeared in my life when I needed him the most and disappeared into the Sunset when his mission was complete. It is my deepest regret that I was not by my Guardian Angel in the days he may have needed some rescuing of his own. I have been anxiously asking about him over the years, he must have been fighting some truly tough battles, which he did not want to bring to the doors of those he cared about. I was eagerly waiting for the next great chapters about Vinay the Great. It seems the Lord has decided that Vinay has fought enough battles here on Earth. Even though he may no longer be here, his spirit is eternal and will forever reside in my heart. Please look deep within yourselves and truly think about Vinay Wendent Reddy, look past the flesh and see the love he brought to all our lives, just the memory of a smile from this great man will fill you heart with love. This is the story of, A Boy Who Had a Guardian Angel as His Brother; I hope you will all remember Vinay as I will, please continue adding to his story, by tapping into the greatness within you and doing some rescues missions of our own.