Behind Each Experience is You


Within each of us resides greatness; even in those that you may think the well of greatness may have run dry. We as people tend to believe that our views are the only way of seeing the world we live in, but this is not reality, unless you are an enlightened being. You see the path of self-realization has to do with identifying yourself, by understanding that you are part of this world, but not of it, is what the Great Teachers of time have been sharing. For example, the world that you currently live in , may seem dark and full of negativity. Even though your personal experience of the world may seem this way, You are not dark, nor filled with negativity, you are only the experiencer, not the experience. This logic would imply that your experiences are separate from you, they do not define you, it may shape you, but at the end of the experience is you, and your reaction to it!

You have the power to decide how you will react, you may feel powerless, but I am here to tell you ladies and gentlemen, that you are powerful, more than you or I may now at this moment and time, but the gift given to us, is one that needs to be identified, located and slowly unwrapped.  This is your true and only real gift, it is the wiggle room the Universes treasury department sent you with, its the so called free will, you are given in this life. Many Saints have mentioned that we do not have true free will, but small amounts of wiggle room. You see once you realize that you cannot control the external matters, but have the power to control the internal ones, then you realize its you who can decide how you feel. You can change being railroaded by life, learn the railway system and take life for a spin.