Stop Hitting The Snooze Button

alarm-clock-2116007_1920You are lying in bed, the soft sheets and warm comforter wrapped around your body, the support of that lovely mattress applying cushion to your body, ah the good life. Then all of a sudden, that annoying sound, beep, beep, beep; your bed is shaking, not the pleasant kind, its’s that blasted phone in the bed, once again disturbing your sleep. You have set an interval of timers to make sure you get up on time, you hit the snooze on each one of these obstacles. Then finally, you realize that you can no longer hit the snooze, you have reached the limit of your morning slumber and must get up, in order to make it to work on time. Now let’s examine this habit, even though we set up all these alarms to make sure we get up and make it on time to our destination, we still got up at our own choosing, not by the alarms. We are the ones to set the times and we are the ones who choose to ignore it, with that lovely snooze button. We are also the ones who decide, that we can no longer hit the snooze, if we are to make it on time. This logic would imply that we decide exactly when we will do something.


Doing this to our sleep, we are no longer in our deep REM sleep stage, nor are we giving ourselves enough time to get up properly ahead of schedule. We always plan to give ourselves that relaxed breakfast and downtime before heading out, yet for some reason, it’s the same old song. This is a behavioral issue, one that must be recognized and corrected. Think about how many things in your life get hit with the snooze button? Things that we associate as painful, not fun, work related or simply to put, something we are not ready to commit to, tend to fall in this snooze pile. Even fun things can fall into the snooze area. The point I am trying to make here is an important question I want you to ask yourself. Why is it that you finally decide to no longer hit the snooze button in the morning and get up? The answer is, that you no longer have the option, that cushion of time to lay there is now gone, you have used up all your minutes laying down and must get up now, if you are going to make it to work.


By hitting the snooze button in certain areas of our life where we don’t have an immediate deadline, we have more cushion space, more snooze options and that many more times for the follow up alarm to play back. You see the thing is this, you don’t know, none of us do, how many breathes we have been allocated, but we live hitting the snooze button as though we know exactly how much time we are given on this Earth. Some people wait for that magical day to no longer have to be a slave to the alarm clock, I say you don’t have to wait. Understand this truth, you don’t know how many breathes you are allocated, nor do you have the luxury to hit the snooze button through your life. Don’t commit to things you don’t have the time for and discourage yourself when you don’t get them done, commit to and handle the things that are important to you immediately, anything left over is leisure time. If you are not living the life you have envisioned for yourself, then ask yourself this, have you made every effort to do the work? Please realize the affects of the Snooze Syndrome that has plagued lives across the globe,  I strongly urge you to not hit the snooze button on this matter.