Your Life is a Movie, Guess Who is the Star?


Life is one giant movie and within that movie, there are many sub-movies, each one is someone’s life. It’s easy to get distracted, the mind constantly analyzes and scans. Don’t get distracted and lose focus watching all the movies and actors, remember or in case you have never been told,  you are the star of your movie. Step back and look at your character, is that someone you would respect or give attention to?  If the answer is not satisfying to you, then start analyzing and scanning yourself. Right now you know more about others, than yourself. Once you start focusing on you, the easier it will become to shape your character through self guided experiences. Whether you realize this truth or not, life’s camera is rolling and you have been selected as the Star of your movie; don’t focus on past mistakes and wish for retakes, start fresh from where you are, embrace those mistakes, because those “mistakes” are actually precious lessons in disguise.