My Response to Gary Vaynerchuk



For those of you that know Gary Vaynerchuk, he is an amazing ambassador for Success. He teaches on areas such as, social media marketing, self awarness, play the long game and the importance of the process, not the destination; and as much as he may not like it, he is motivational, but its more of a bi-product from his grind. He gives real business strategies and shows you exactly what is required to perform at his level, most importantly he advises audiences to stop listening to him and take action instead.  Those that don’t know him, your missing out, I highly recommend his content.

So today on his face book page he asks, “What does the following quote by him mean?, “Put Yourself in Position to Win before you start”-(Gary V./2016/FB).

Here is my response:

Train yourself to perform at your optimal level, you have to be mentally fit and commit to the process, understand the pain that will come from it. Focus on the long game, not the short. Through self awareness you can constantly analyze yourself and find what is not working and contnue building on what is. 

As you climb higher up the path, you have to be ready to perform at a higher levelstand push past new pain thresholds; you will need a routine to keep you physically and mentally recharged. If counsel is needed, especially in times of weakness, dont ask people advice that value comfort and are stagnant in their own performance, ask those that can truly help you identify and push past your new comfort zone barrier, these folks find value in taking action. If you don’t have a strategic support system, find it online, books and most importantly, inside you. 
Don’t stop to think too long about your life, this can invite a feeling of missing out, when seeing friends and family doing fun things, while your always on your own, working on yourself and your craft. Self reflection can be a great tool to let all the data connect inside you, it can really help overcome short term struggles and keep you focused on the long game, but remember its all about balance, too much can make you lose focus. Find the balance that works for you and give those things its proper time, the happier you are, the better you will perform.

Hope these words helped at least one of you. Remember, we are climbing the Mountain together, I share with you Universal knowledge, these are things that have helped me on my own journey and I hope they help you. If you have any experiences that others might benefit from or an area you would like us to research, drop a comment below. Stayed focused on the grind, leave the results to the Universe.