Take Charge of Your Dreams, or Someone Else Will 



In life you need to identify what you want and have an unshakable faith, with Universal force behind it in order to achieve it. If you do not make the decisions to reach your goals, someone else will. You will never truly reach your optimal self, if you never reach this destination. So ask yourself, is a life that’s average, okay for you? Life is about perception and sure we can view the average performance a blessed life, this post is not for those that are content with average.  If you are one of those folks that are content, keep it moving and enjoy your life, but if you have the deep desire to explore your highest potential, than you are doing yourself a great disservice by not pursuing it.

For those that are exploring the greatness within them, its not about the monetary benefits, all though, it has an interesting way to follow extraordinary performance. Some of us having such a strong calling, you rather not exist if it meant living an average life, we can feel the greatness caged inside. Remember you will meet others on the path, that might share characteristics about your dream, but the Universe filters those out by the work required to achieve it. A rule of thumb I use to identify true seekers of greatness; they have an amazing work ethic, strives to identify the weakness within them and seeks out knowledge and strategies to empower them, usually found in books and online resources, since no one around them are able to guide them, but when they read it, the info resonates with their core self and it’s all familiar and you get it, that’s because the information is being delivered by those that have experienced your calling and are verifying it’s reality. The truth and everything you need is already within you, you might just need the guidance on how to explore it and use it to reach your destination.

Once you allow your mind or others to edit your dreams, your path becomes a downward slope, which you have to then identify at some point and work extremely hard to change it’s course. Your peers play a huge role in your performance, since during your building stage you will have times of extreme excitement and pain, which might cause you to seek counsel in those around you. This can be extremely dangerous, since their path is different from yours and remember they have not put in the research you have, so how can they give you any beneficial advice? Tap into your inner self and find the answers, it’s all there, learn to hear and trust your inner voice. We live in blessed times, we can easily use technology to find others that share the same path. The great thing about great people, they are so amazed by how life feels operating within their dream and transformed self, that they will offer guidance if your truly seek it, but remember that they are very busy building their dreams. If you truly study the greats in any endeavor, they all share the same general key formula’s to achieving it. Nothing can replace hard work and the endurance required to get through the path. Inch by Inch, keep moving forward, focus on the greatness, not the weakness, let the Universe guide you.