Know When It’s Time to Reset Your Mind

Life is an interesting thing, its always about  the right balance and the mindset seems to be the most important factor, because it decides what you see.  For example, if you are fear driven, you will be over cautious in all your decisions, you won’t be able to properly act on the opportunities that are presented to you. You will most likely not even see the opportunity. When your in a negative mindset, suddenly things are not as good. The food does not taste as good, you won’t be able to just relax and enjoy your free time, you will miss the beauty in the day. Your path might start to feel meaningless, when just days before you were on top of the world.

When we shift into this negative mind-state, the best thing to do is, learning to identify it and correcting it. I would recommend to get done the minimum activities that need to be done for that day, stop trying to run through that mental wall. Reduce risk and making the important critical thinking decisions, because they simply will not be your best work and could lead to more harm than good.  Shift to exercise, meditation and get into nature asap, this will help you reset your mind-state and get back to your your optimal self again.

This is why it’s important to maintain an effective and consistent daily routine, this will help keep stay focused.  Break up your day, so when your performance is not so good; it gives you a time-out, a moment to pause and reflect. Natural human nature will want to fix and succeed at the problem at hand, but if you are not in the correct mind-state, you will only get more frustrated.  It’s because you are now making decisions based on emotion, not logic.  Check to see if there is a pattern on the days you snap out of focus, there usually is. Don’t make a day into a lifetime, remember the Sun will rise again and so shall you.