Mindset Is Everything| by Avin Ram


We live in a World that is data-driven and can solve so many problems with an instant search, yet we struggle to find the answers to fill that deep void within us. We seek guidance and content that lift our spirits, because we are in search of “Forward Momentum”, above all else… “Forward Momentum”, we believe will lead to our self-discovery and transformation. Life is not a timeline, but we are conditioned since birth to wait for certain key events. The problem with this model is, if the moment in the timeline does not play out as imagined, suffering finds its way to your inner self.

Social gatherings should be environments to have the ultimate “Mastermind” sessions, to help each other build strategies and overcome the challenges we face, but due to the many layers of insecurity and communication barriers, we only showcase the polished version and hide all things labeled, problems and failures. With the right techniques and guidance, you can overcome your troubled mindset. You might just find, that your hiding so much potential and the best parts about you. Technology has done an amazing job, connecting with like-minded individuals, so please read, learn, share, educate and most importantly…spend time alone with yourself and do the internal work that is necessary for your transformation. My goal for you is to find “Your” Success, from the lessons and examples you find here.

With the right tools, techniques, and training, you can achieve the mindset necessary for “ Your Success”. If you’re looking for the “Magic Recipe”, you won’t find it here, nor anywhere else… The formula taught here is simple; Proven Principles + Resilient Work Ethic= The Summit of “Your” Life. Now if you followed all that, follow me down this rabbit hole and let’s climb this Mountain together… See you at the top.


-Avin Ram