What’s The Matter With You?

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A life of freedom is one of the greatest factors of my journey. The ability to design my day around my needs and business flow. Relocate anywhere to my choosing, unlimited capital opportunities. Spending my time around a team that cares about reaching optimal states of all areas of their experience. When we work for someone else, we are putting our trust and the “opportunities bag” in their hands.


School and work life is designed to make you appreciate when you get a good grade, a good job because failure is the other option. So, when you get on the so-called “good side”, you’re scared of being on the “other side”. This creates a self-path, that may not be aligned with your desires.

One of the hardest things to ask yourself, is what matters to you? What do you want to do with your life? Now this answer if identified, will change for most people around various times and experiences in their life. This is also the same reason why most will never achieve their goals because they are in a constant changing mindset. If you hold a goal, the vision long enough in your mind, you will get there, but the thing that you must ask yourself, are you able to sustain the mental and capital staying power required to achieve the goal?


-Journey of A Madman